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“We know you will love sending your luggage with Luggage Free, but don’t take our word for it. These reviews are from actual customers who have shared their experience with Luggage Free.”

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My highest compliments on a wonderfully executed level of service.
Michael – Houston, TX

Thank you for your exceptional attention and service to all of our needs! LUGGAGE FREE is a company that I promise to keep on my lips as a huge plus in SERVICE and RESPRECT for our Travel needs and importance to our personal luggage.
A HUGE” THANK YOU” to all your people who make this part of travel possible!
Rose – Montreal, Quebec

That’s wonderful. Thank you for the great service far.
Miley – Los Angeles, CA

Thank you so much for the quick reply! This is exactly what I am looking for.
Katie – Syracuse, NY

Thank you for taking care of everything so quickly.
Mary Ann – Chicago, IL

Some of Elizabeth’s friends are going to St. Barth’s and they’ve heard your praises sung by her.
Marliisa – Little Rock, AR

Thank you again, and I will certainly keep Luggage Free in mind for future travels.
Wendy – Petaluma, CA

Thank you for your immediate reply. I would recommend your service to any of my family and friends who are taking a cruise in the near future. Your evaluation of my compliant only reinforces my satisfaction with your company and the service you provide, especially to seniors.
Anthony – Palos Heights, IL

I appreciate your attention to detail and prompt resolution of this matter.
Nancy – Fort Worth, TX

Oh wow you delivered so fast, were there any problems I hadn’t even rung the hotel to let them know I was getting it delivered as u thought it would take longer thanks so much
Tammy – Wilmington, DE

I would highly recommend your company
I have been on regent over 450 days and if I only knew about your company
I got off in Phuket and was taken to hospital so all was a mess
The concierge got at least 2 bags and put red luggae fee tags on then
I arrived on 8th baggage on 17th
Nothing wrong with that
If you ever need a supporter let me know
Victor – Toronto, Canada

We’ll be in touch next year when we go back to Jamaica – if not sooner! Thanks for your great service!
Francesca – Edwardsville, IL

Thank you. Once again excellent service from Luggage Free.
Elaine – Clifton, NJ

Thanks for your help. I appreciate your prompt response and attention to this matter!
Keep me posted,
Missy – Wilton, CT

Thanks, and our friends have been told. Service couldn’t have been better.
Joe – Los Angeles, CA

Thrilled with Luggage Free so far – in fact I recommended the service to someone yesterday.
Many thanks,
Sarah – Brooklyn, NY

A very hardy thank you for getting our 8 pieces of luggage from the Regent Voyager in London, to our home in Oregon, in good shape and faster than we expected. Kudos on a job well done.
Andrea & Bruce – Redmond, OR

I expected that Luggage Free was right on target, but felt I would be remiss if I did not double-check on the delivery. Thank you for your reply.
Marion – West Bridgewater, MA

You are the best, thank you!!
Brenna – Miami, FL

Thank you for the delivery confirmation. The courier service Luggage Free was very efficient and helpful…pick-up on time and the courier was very courteous.
Barbara – Bakersfield, CA

Thanks Guys! One happy customer here in Telluride.
Stuart – Telluride, CO

Many thanks for your great service I have recommended you via FACEBOOK!!
Mel – Surrey, England

Thanks for the great piece of info. You guys are just the best. Excellent Service.
Anand – Bukit Jalil, Kuala, Malaysia

I really appreciate the service I got. I must say that I am very impressed by the excellent customer service I was provided.
Aparna – Madison, WI

I just wanted to let you know, I think your service is first rate. My trip was made much simpler and more enjoyable because I didn’t have to be concerned about my bag. You picked up my bag when you said you would. It was waiting in my room when I arrived. The people who run Fern Hall Inn where I stayed were amazed at this service. And last but not lease you delivered my bag when you said you would. An added benefit was that I didn’t have to deal with my luggage as soon as I returned home. Having a week to relax was a big help. I think you have something here.
I will definitely use your service again.
Edward – Morgan Hill, CA

Thanks so much. The package was delivered very quickly and I’ve told several people about your service!
Bonnie – Portland, OR

This is unexpected and impressive! We did not expect the quick response and action taken to prevent this from happening again. It will definitely help future passengers and we will certainly consider using your company in our future travels again.
Frank and Suzie – Edina, MN

Thank you very much for your services! It´s worked amazing! Looking forward for my next big travel
Hugo – Madrid, Spain

Thanks for your email and your assistance. Once again it has been a pleasure dealing with Luggage Free.
Ross – Queensland, Australia

Wonderful as always
Faith – Decatur, GA

Hi Luggage Free, yes the service was fantastic….we will have another shipment sometime next week in fact I will call you tomorrow
Once again your service was fantastic. Thanks again
Jennifer – Sydney, Australia

Thank you so much for the great service, the rapid delivery and the personal attention.
Robert – Ann Arbor, MI

Thank you. Your service was just what I needed and I will use it again.
Michael – Manchester, MA

Thank you for the e mail and excellent service.
Nabil – London, U.K.

Thank you so very much-very impressed with your service.
Karen – Wheton, IL

William and his daughter are very pleased with your service. I thank you too because you made my job easier!
Jacqui – Chicago, IL

You guys are rock Stars!
Donna – Nice, France

You provide a great service.
Michelle – Portland, OR

Hello Luggage Free, Many thanks for your very swift and efficient reply.
Claire – Montverde, FL

Hi Luggage Free
Thank you for your efficient follow up and immediate rectification on this issue (great customer service)
Thomas – Kealba, Victoria, Australia

Just to let you know we were very pleased with your service to the Maasdam. Our luggage arrived fine.
Charles and Louise – Carmel, CA

You have been very kind and helped us all the time!
Casper – Stockholm, Sweden

Thank you Luggage Free! Your service and the overall service was outstanding (end-to-end)!!
Rebecca 😉 – Covington, KY

Thank you for your professionalism and prompt response. We liked the service and will use it again. I appreciate the info & tip for next time.
Richard – Sagamore Beach, MA

Thank you for your prompt response and thorough explanation. This is why I like Luggage Free best!
Carolyn – San Diego, CA

Thank you so much. Always a pleasure.
Dolores – Shreveport, LA

Great, thank you so much! So…they just show up Friday? Can’t believe how easy this is. Thanks again!
Rebecca – London, U.K.

Thank you – and I will use your services again!
Diana – Whitewater, CA

Great. You guys are awesome!! Thank you
Donna – Whitefish, MT

Thanks for the great and prompt service Luggage Free.
Kevin – Sydney, Australia

Thank you for the recent service from Luggage Free – I’m hooked.
Sarah – Brooklyn, NY

We love you guys! Thanks for checking on our baggage, and have a great weekend,
Nancy – Stamford, CT

First of all, it was fantastic that the bags were there a day early. It impressed everyone. I am also very impressed that I was able to speak with someone live when I called. It was very comforting! It will be my pleasure to highly recommend Luggage Free to any one of your potential clients and look forward to using you again in the future.
Lorey – Pasadena, CA

Thanks, you guys are great, as usual!
Bob – San Antonio, TX

Thanks, you guys are awesome. I will be using you again in the future.
Geoff – Durham, NC

Thanks,…..everything arrived safely and on time. Great work.
Richard – Bala Cynwyd, NC

Received! Thank you, you will hear from me again without a doubt!
Carrie – New York, NY

I meant to email you yesterday to tell you how impressed I was that it arrived so quickly! We will definitely be using you again–probably in the VERY near future (like later this week?) Thanks again for making my life that much easier!
Cathy – New York, NY

Thanks, you are great!!
Gary – Encino, CA

Thank you for all of your help. We arrived in Cairo and the last thing we wanted to deal with was luggage problems. Sure enough, our bags were in our room waiting for us. We’ll definitely be using you for the return.
Martin – Las Cruces, NM

You guys are the best!
Loraine – Los Angeles, CA

I’m writing to thank you for taking care of shipping my bike to San Francisco. Jack picked it up exactly at 10:30 and everything from there went exactly as I had hoped. Thanks again.
Timothy – New York, NY

This was all my decision, so I was on the hook with my husband until we showed up to the ship and our bags were already in the cabin waiting for us. Thanks for making me look good. How can we set up our return shipment?
Olivia – Chicago, IL

The thought of traveling to Aspen with two kids, not to mention four sets of skis, and all of our luggage was not one I enjoyed. Your service allowed us to enjoy our vacation that much more. We’ll definitely use you again.
Diane – New York, NY

Thank you, you guys are great.
Alan – West Orange, NJ

This is the best service going. Great concept, great customer service.
Marcia – Dallas, TX

Great benefit not having to carry my luggage through customs, not to mention the airport.
Robert – Palm Springs, CA

The fact that I called you 2 hours ago and your driver just left my house with all of my luggage is very impressive. You guys are the best in the business.
Craig – White Sulphur, WV

You guys were too good. You delivered my bags to the hotel in London in only four days, four days before I arrived. The hotel was starting to wonder if I was going to show up. Ha. Thanks again. If you need a reference, I’d be happy to recommend your service to anyone.
Emily – Miami, FL

I will definitely be telling all of my friends about you.
Brent – Telluride, CO

The pick up in London went great, and my husband just received everything in Sydney. Thank you for all of your help.
Stephanie – Sydney, Australia

I’ve already told all my friends about you.
Peter – Weston, MA

Great job. We’ll be calling you next year.
Gary – Vail, CO

All of our clubs were in the clubhouse when we arrived, just as you had advertised. I’m down here with two friends from college. They both want to use your service on the way home.
Andy – Greenwich, CT

We were very impressed with the responsiveness of your customer service team. We e-mailed back and fourth three times and then booked our order before I heard from the other company I was looking into. Your service was just as good. The snowboards were with the concierge when we checked in. The bellhop followed us up to the room with them. We literally didn’t touch them after they left our house, until the next morning on our way to the slopes. Thanks for your help.
Lynda – Calgary

You guys are great!
Varum – London, England

I just completed a test of your company and you passed with flying colors. I had three shipments, one to Moscow, one to Amsterdam, and one to Rome. All arrived well in advance of my arriving and in perfect condition. The delivery confirmation e-mails were great. My company will definitely be using you going forward.
Oliver – New York, NY

Just wanted to let you know that all 38 pieces were delivered. I am extremely pleased. You’ve made me look like a very wise man. Looking forward to the return.
Dennis – St. Louis, MO

Great job.
Eric – San Antonio, TX

Thank you so much for taking care of my shipment. I will be calling you next fall when I go back.
Lindsey – Seattle, WA

Speedy. Thank you.
Dinah – Wellsley Hills, MA

I got my luggage. Thank you. I intend to use your services again. Thank you.
Camilla – Oakland, CA

Thank you, thank you!
Christina – Corona Del Mar, CA

Thank you, I find your service very efficient, and am fully satisfied.
Jennifer – Rancho Mirage, CA

Thank you so much for your fast and efficient service. We are very pleased with your company and plan to use it on our many trips.
Bernard – Delray Beach, FL

Thank you and I love your service!
Renee – Dallas, TX

Your service was great! Thank you so much for doing such a good job and making the entire process so easy! I’ve already recommended your service to a friend.
Corine – Folsom, CA

You guys are THE BEST!!!!! Thank you for going out of your way to make me feel “at ease” about trying out LUGGAGEFREE on my very best clients.
Kim – Sarasota, FL

Many thanks for delivering luggage to my apartment! Excellent!!
Patrick – London, England

Your service was wonderful! I will recommend it to everyone. Thanks again.
Gail – San Francisco, CA

Thank you for your services at Luggage Free; we had a great experience. Everyone was professional and efficient and the luggage arrival was timely and worry free. We will definitely utilize the service again in the future.
Amy – Chicago, IL

Thanks for your follow up.This was my first experience using Luggage Free and I will definitely use your service again.
Rob – Dallas, TX


"The pick up in London went great, and my husband just received everything in Sydney. Thank you for all of your help."
Stephanie - Sydney, Australia

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Luggage Free is a specialty service offering travelers the ability to ship luggage ahead to any destination worldwide, allowing them the ability to avoid the inconvenience of carrying, checking and claiming luggage – even going through customs.

Our luggage shipping service is guaranteed, allowing the traveler to avoid unnecessary aggravation and save time – safely and in style.

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