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Explore the world of luxury travel through the lens of Luggage Free clients.

In 2016 Luggage Free clients sent their luggage to and from 114 countries. This report hones in on the preferences of the luxury traveler, who values convenience and the finer things above all else.

Luggage Free is worldwide and even though more than half of their shipments were domestic, international travel is skyrocketing — especially trips to the United Kingdom. This year 11 new countries joined the list as well.

We’re growing. Luggage Free’s 10,147 shipments included increases in personal luggage, ski shipping and international trips.

Brand loyalty equals a third of Luggage Free clients returning as repeat customers, building on referrals from loyal travel partners.

Luggage Free spans the globe shipping luggage to all 50 states in addition to 114 countries and 2,586 cities.

Luggage Free international travel increased 35% in 2016; the U.K., Italy, France, Canada, and Spain for the highest percentage of international trips.

Some of favorite international hotels of Luggage Free clients include the Milestone, Savoy, and The Ritz in London, Baglioni Hotel Regina and Hotel Campo in Rome, and Hotel Ritz, Four Season Hotel George V and Hotel de Seze in Paris.

New York is the top city to which Luggage Free clients travel.

The top five city destinations across the world Luggage Free clients visit are New York, Miami, London, Los Angeles, and Rome.

Favorite international cities Luggage Free clients like to travel to include London, Rome, Paris, Vancouver, and Barcelona. Luggage Free clients’ favorite activities include cruising, golfing, and skiing.

Top five domestic states Luggage Free clients travel to include California, New York, Florida, Colorado, and Texas.

Luggage Free clients top domestic city travel includes Los Angeles, New York, Miami, Aspen, and Houston. Favorite hotels in those cities include the Peninsula Beverly Hills, St. Regis and The Crosby Hotel in New York City, and The Breakers Palm Beach.

Luggage Free shipped luggage from 50 states, 97 countries, and 2,435 cities.

The highest percentage of Luggage Free clients originate their travel from the U.S., U.K., Italy, France, and Canada.

The highest percentage of cities Luggage Free clients originate their travel from are London, Rome, Paris, Vancouver, and Barcelona.

The top five states Luggage Free clients originate their travel from are New York, California, Texas, and Colorado.

The top five domestic cities clients originate their travel from include New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Houston, and Aspen.

Activity Destinations

Luggage Free delivers luggage to and from major port all over the world. Major ports include Miami, Rome, Tessera (VE), Southampton, and San Francisco.

Golf is one of the main activities of Luggage Free clients and the highest percentage of golf bags get shipped to Fife, Queenstown, Girona, Bordeaux, and Sciatica.

Luggage Free sends its clients skiing all over the world. Top destinations include Jackson Hotel, Park City, Vail, Aspen, and Zermatt.

Luggage Free clients are avid cyclers and bike shipping is popular. Top destinations include New York, Santa Monica, Saint Lary Soulan, Albertville, and Austin.

2016 Trends

International travel spiked in summer months and increased domestically during the holiday season.

A high percentage of Luggage Free clients booked luxury cruises over the holidays, and stayed active golfing and cycling all year round and skiing during the winter.

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