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Jack Ezon

One of only twelve agents recognized by Travel and Leisure as a ‘Super Agent’ Jack Ezon, President of Ovation Vacations, has long been a favorite of ours. Declaring ‘the longer the flight the better’, but listing the Jersey Shore as his favorite place on earth, we are smitten by the fact that he’s been everywhere but still loves home the most. Fulfilling his lifelong dream while making dreams come true for others, we’re thrilled to feature Jack as a person we love.

Q & A
I can't wait to visit...
Best Hotel amenity...
monogrammed pillow covers in the room and private screening room in the hotel.
I always bring home...
A Snow globe for my eldest daughter Susan, a silver spoon for my second daughter Lydia, a shot glass for my son Steven and a key chain for my daughter Danielle. They keep a box of each and a collection of where daddy has been.
I don't leave home without...
My mini-pharmacy kit stocked with everything from Sudafed to an emergency Z-Pak…. Oh, and pajamas for any overnight flight.
I dream about my meals at...
Castiglion del Bosco - the freshest most incredible vegetables picked right from the garden and on my plate. Mouth watering and to die for!
Everywhere I go I check out the...
hair blower. Though I never blow my hair, I know how important it is to ladies and a good blower says a lot about a hotel.
My all-time favorite destinations...
Africa. It is a life altering, spiritual experience with more luxury than anyone could ever imagine.
The best part about being on a long flight is...
relaxing, unwinding and catching up on all those projects you always wanted to do without having anyone disturb you. The longer the flight the better!
The craziest thing that happened to me traveling was...
I had a 5 hour layover. I got so involved working in the lounge that I actually missed my connecting flight.
When I arrive at a new place I learn the lay of the land by...
taking a run right after I settle in. In addition to getting to know a place it helps fight off jet lag.
If you were not doing your current job, what would be your dream job?
Tough one, as I am living my dream job. I guess I would have to say running a kid’s camp… I just love kids…. Would running a traveling camp for kids count?
If you were forced to live in one place for the rest of your life, where would it be?
My favorite place in the world, the Jersey Shore! It has everything… beautiful homes, spacious lawns and gardens, wide beaches.
What is the best concert you have ever attended?
Would I be dating myself if I said U2 Joshua Tree? I remember it to this day. More recently, I would say Tiesto at Hakasaan was incredible.
The best part about traveling luggage free is...
not worrying if your wife’s bags will get lost!!
Concierge or DIY?
DIY with a Concierge to validate!
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