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Few places in the world are more beautiful than Capri. The breezy island, situated in the Bay of Naples, is where natural beauty, history and a seaside locale combine to make it one of Italy top destinations for travelers. The island is a playground for the well-heeled, offering plenty of luxury lodging, designer shopping, sightseeing and delicious local cuisine.

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Sleep like a baby at Capri Palace Hotel & SpaEat lunch by the sea at Il Riccio or dinner with view at Terrazza Brunella – Drink Drink to Sinatra at one of the best beach bars in the world Fontelina Beach Club  – See the coastline, crags and caves from a private Riva yacht or if you are land faring, people watch at Piazzetta – Shop to your hearts content at Capri’s largest shopping mall Get Outside and sail the crystal blue waters at Grotta Azzurra – Don’t Miss the ancient ruins of Emperor Tiberius’ Palace

What to do in Capri

Capri has always been a playground for the rich and famous. Augustus Caesar vacationed on the island nearly 2,000 years ago, and Emperor Tiberius loved it so much that he moved there. Visiting Tiberius’ Villa Jovis is one of the top things to see on Capri. The palace dates back to AD 27 and is the most magnificent of his residences. Today it is a museum that covers 7,000 square meters and houses Roman baths and stunning views of the island’s landscape. The two main villages on the island are Anacapri and Capri. The former sits above the latter on Monte Capello. Stop here to visit sights like Chiesa di San Michele. The picturesque church that boasts a tiled floor depicting Adam and Eve among animals like a unicorn, bull, elephant and goats that dates back to the 18th century. You can also travel up Monte Solaro on a chairlift to take in epic views of the island. Capri’s namesake village is a bustle with restaurants, cafes and bars. Follow the road the Piazetta to find them. You’ll also want to get out onto the water. Capri has many opportunities for that. One things you have to do is visit the Blue Grotto (or Grotta Azzurra) a sea cave that is illuminated by an enchanted blue light. You have to be in a boat to enter the cave, swimming is only allowed outside its entrance.

What to take to Capri

Most visitors look aim to travel to Capri between May and September. If you’re visiting outside of the main summer months, make sure to pack a light jacket or sweater for the cool ocean breezes along the coast. Of course the sun will be shining in full force, so you’ll want to pack your most stylish pair of sunglasses. And since many places on the island are pedestrian-only you’ll also want to make sure to pack shoes you can stroll for hours in as well.

What to buy in Capri

Capri is a haven for those who are retail-inclined. Spend your days shopping for both designer fashions and jewelry and handmade artisan wares. The island is also home to parfumerie Carthusia. The purveyor’s scents are inspired by the flowers of the island. You’ll also probably spend some time imbibing on locally made lemoncello, a bottle of which makes for an excellent souvenir to remember your visit.

How it works in Capri

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