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It’s often the little things that make all the difference. With our global, door-to-door shipping service, you travel in style while skipping hassles like printing labels, document completion, and check-in lines.

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How it Works

Pack as you normally would. We prepare everything else - including shipping labels and all customs documents.

Once prepared, we send all shipping labels and documents directly to you so you can tag each piece.

We retrieve your shipment from your home, office, hotel, cruise ship, pro shop, ski lodge and more.

We monitor your shipment daily, all the way through final delivery.

Your shipment is delivered on or before your delivery date. We e-mail you all delivery information for your files.


About Us

Founded in 2003, we focus on nothing other than being the world’s leading specialty shipping provider. We deliver a white glove service to affluent travelers to, from and in between 180 countries and territories worldwide.

Reliable and Easy
We utilize the dependable shipping networks of FedEx, UPS and DHL and combine those with our world-class customer service to make shipping reliable and easy.

Experienced and Professional
Our global network of highly experienced staff monitors each shipment through delivery and handles all customs paperwork on your behalf.

Flexible and Responsive
Our team is available to assist you seven days a week wherever your travels take you.

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Below are some commonly asked questions about Luggage Free.

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It depends on what you are sending, where you are sending it, and how quickly you want it there. Get started HERE to get a quote.
Our standard service retrieves directly from your preferred location (home, office, cruise ship, etc.) and delivers directly to your preferred location (home, hotel, cruise ship etc.). In many cases you can also drop your shipment off if that fits your schedule better. We can also schedule a ‘hold for delivery’ service at a nearby location if you aren’t going to be home.
Service, experience, and attention to detail. Many carriers appear similar, and in fact many are, but no one provides the level of service and attention to you as our team. Call us and try it for yourself (hint, a live person will answer your call right away)!
In most cases your labels are physically sent to you before your retrieval date. We have the ability to e-mail labels for more expeditious retrievals. We also hand deliver labels when and where necessary.
As a blanket statement, we prefer a minimum of two business days notice. That said, there are multiple exceptions to that rule. Call us for something more ‘last minute’. We can likely help!
Customs forms and requirements vary by country and commodity. We complete all forms on your behalf based on the specific details of your shipment to best facilitate a timely, hassle free customs clearance.
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