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There are plenty of reasons, besides over packing, to send your baggage to your destination ahead of time. Perhaps you’re traveling with a large group, or are going on a trip with multiple destinations. Airlines and cruise ships tend to get overwhelmed by large quantities of luggage, and at least one person in your travel group gets their luggage left behind. If you’re on the move, it could be days before your luggage catches up with you. There are few things less comfortable than wondering where in the world your undergarments might be, and wishing you had on a fresh pair.

Traveling with a large group? Why not ship baggage ahead to the next destination, and save yourself the aches that come from carrying heavy bags? When you first use our service at Luggage Free, you will never want to travel the old way again. We promise that we will get your belongings there on time. In a day and age where every company continues to scale back perks and comforts offered to their clients, we are interested in making your life easier.  Call us today and say, “Ship my luggage!”

The clear alternative: Send your bags with Luggage Free.

No longer do you have to rely on airline baggage services, hoping that their baggage does not become another dismal statistic. Have your luggage delivered. Luggage Free is the alternative to lugging your baggage to and from the airport, waiting in extended queues at check-ins and screenings, and along carousels.  We’re the alternative to worrying over whether your gear arrives when you need it, where you need it. The alternative to dealing with confusing and tedious customs forms. The alternative to the airport rat race.

Concerns over lost, damaged, or stolen luggage are a thing of the past thanks to Luggage Free. With UPS or FedEx baggage shipping, you could wait several hours for your luggage to arrive. We pinpoint exact times for pickup and delivery. Not only do we guarantee safe and on-time delivery of your bags, but we include $1000 insurance policy. Need even more insurance? Give us a call and we’ll walk you through how easy it is to send bags ahead and give yourself a breather. Why lug bags to and from the airport without any guarantee they’ll arrive on time and undamaged? You deserve better, and we’re here to deliver the best.

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You demand the best and it’s often the little things that make all the different. Enhance your travel experience by shipping your luggage ahead today. Whether you’re skiing the Alps or cruising the Mediterranean, sending luggage ahead always elevates your travels.

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