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If you’ve already tried to travel conventionally on a ski vacation, you know the problems that await you: long lines, cumbersome packaging, unnecessary fees, size and weight restrictions, among others. You worry about whether your equipment will arrive, and make it to your destination undamaged. Instead of sitting back and dreaming of the ivory powder your skis will be cutting, you’re really thinking of the million things that can go wrong along the way. Shipping skis with Luggage Free empowers your travel worry-free, so you can focus on carving those mountains that are slowly coming into focus out of that foggy, ice-blurred window.

Sending your skis through a courier service gets you to the slopes faster

If you are like most avid skiers, you are ready to hit the slopes from the moment you land. Waiting for a luggage carousel to bring your equipment, while competing with fifty other impatient skiers at the conveyor belt, is not a way to start your adventure. Neither is finally getting your gear only to find it has been damaged — or dealing with skis that didn’t arrive. Even the best-case scenario is much less than ideal. As a convenient, hassle-free alternative, have your skis delivered. Luggage Free enables you to get to your lodging, and the trails, faster.

Ski delivery for peace of mind

As the number of cases of mishandled and lost airline baggage increases each year. It’s so common that airlines always advise: “Don’t pack anything you can’t afford to lose.” If you are packing your skis for your next mountain adventure, why risk having them damaged, stolen or lost? You may end up spending your precious vacation days arguing with the airline about replacements or trying to maneuver that new double black diamond on worn rentals. Let a professional courier service take care of your skis. Isn’t your peace of mind is well worth it?

Splurging on ski shipping doesn’t break the bank

Most airlines add on fees for everything these days. This means that taking the time to pack and transport skis on your own can add up to a pricey headache. Luggage Free will ship your skis domestically in the United States for affordable rates. We give you peace of mind and more time on the slopes.

Perfecting your ski technique is up to you. Perfecting ski delivery? We’re the masters. We’ve made a business out of getting your gear from home to hill with ease. Now, you can do what you do best on the slopes without wrenching a shoulder carrying a ski bag on the way.

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You demand the best and it’s often the little things that make all the difference. Enhance your travel experience by shipping your luggage ahead today. Whether you’re skiing the Alps or cruising the Mediterranean, sending luggage ahead always elevates your travels.

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