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Any trip has a lot of details that inevitably need to be negotiated. But shipping luggage vs. checking it at the airport is the easiest decision you can make. Numerous major international news, travel, and leisure sources concur that Luggage Free is an exceptional baggage courier service. The Wall Street Journal says, “None of these services could top New York’s Luggage Free.” Forbes confirms, “[they] put a fine point on making service pleasant and easy.” The San Francisco Chronicle writes, “The least expensive quotes I found were from Luggage Free.” Favorable reviews from Yelp, Travel and Leisure, ABC News, and many others further attest that Luggage Free has elevated luggage delivery to an art form.

Why should you rely upon baggage shipping services?

These same sources advise the traveler to ditch the hassle of lugging their bags, and instead opt for the ease of a luggage courier service. Making the shift to luggage shipping lets you bypass the maddening airport baggage-check experience, and travel lighter all together for a worry-free experience. After all it’s a vacation. Leave the logistics to Luggage Free. We facilitate easy pick-up, steadily monitor the baggage progress, and provide dependable and safe delivery to your destination. There are a myriad of reasons seasoned travelers are choosing the luggage shipping option, and why so many reputable and widely read sources are supporting their decision to do so.

Baggage forward for money better spent

Airlines are maximizing their profits by adding on fees for everything from seat selection, food and entertainment to luggage. Increasing luggage fees span everything from small carry-on bags to oversized luggage. It also can cost you your ticket price if you’re hung up in line, trying to check your bag. U.S. airline passengers spend approximately $3 billion annually to check their luggage. Compared to five years ago, that is a 700% increase! And fees are just fees, they don’t come with any extra service. Avoid dealing with the airline process and opt for the alternative by using luggage delivery services by Luggage Free.

Baggage forward: You deserve it

Forwarding isn’t just for email anymore. Enjoy traveling more by forwarding your bag to your final destination. Find out how to ship luggage and skip the hassle of dragging your bags from the car, to the airport, and the hotel. Luggage Free will pick up your bags from your requested location and have them waiting for you at your final destination. It really is just that simple! Savvy travelers, take the next step in making your travel experience as relaxing as possible.

What Can You Ship

Are you living luggage free?

You demand the best and it’s often the little things that make all the difference. Enhance your travel experience by shipping your luggage ahead today. Whether you’re skiing the Alps or cruising the Mediterranean, sending luggage ahead always elevates your travels.

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