Why Trust the Airport to Ship Luggage When, Too Often, It’s Like Playing Roulette

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International travelers look for the best deals and bargains that facilitate in an easier journey. Backpacking and youth hostels were fun for the first tastes of traveling, but as we get older, convenience is key. When you need to mail your baggage ahead of time, and or just want to lighten your load (allowing you to fully focus on getting from point A to B without the baggage) call up Luggage Free. Part of the key to making your jaunt less of a hassle is toting around less baggage. Send your belongings ahead of time and enjoy easy breezy travel.

When you contact Luggage free as your baggage service courier, you let us know where to pick up your belongings, and when, and where they must arrive. Say you’re going to ship luggage with us, and you’re departure is straight from the office, with a little pre-arrangement, one of our Luggage Free representatives will arrive at your office and take care of all the details. We collect your luggage and ensure that when it meets you on the other end of your trip, it is in virtually the same condition as when it left you.

Mail Your Bags to Ease Your State of Mind.

Mishandled baggage is a top two complaint to the Department of Transportation, with domestic flights responsible for two million pieces of mishandled luggage a year! This figure likely comes as no surprise to those who have traveled a good deal. Stories abound of lost, stolen and damaged luggage. It’s simply become an everyday occurrence of modern travel. But, thankfully, there is an effective alternative: send your baggage on ahead with Luggage Free. Major publications have ranked our services highly and note how easy, reliable and convenient baggage delivery can be. Improve your travel and state of mind with us today and see for yourself.

Lost bags, damaged luggage, delayed luggage delivery—it’s all par for the course when you leave luggage handling to the airport. Find your travel Zen with Luggage Free. Wherever in the world you’re going, we’ll get your luggage there, safe and sound, because who wants to worry about finding a toothbrush and buying a new wardrobe when you’ve got lounging poolside to get to?

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You demand the best and it’s often the little things that make all the different. Enhance your travel experience by shipping your luggage ahead today. Whether you’re skiing the Alps or cruising the Mediterranean, sending luggage ahead always elevates your travels.

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