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The current mode of travel has become grossly inefficient, inconvenient and unreliable when it comes to your luggage. Once upon a time flight travel, whether for business or pleasure, was a pampered, white glove experience. You were catered to from beginning to end, with your accompanying baggage certainly receiving the same care and attention, that you, the traveler did. Such a sojourn was eagerly anticipated with little to no attendant worries about such now commonplace irritants as restrictive bag weights and limits; long lines at check-ins, customs inspections and baggage pick-ups; concerns about your luggage’s safety and timely arrival; or vast airports requiring what seems like miles of trudging along heavy suitcases. Choose to be part of the new model of efficiency, convenience and reliability for the discerning traveler: send suitcases ahead.

The better road less-traveled: Simply deliver your suitcases beforehand.

When you’re thinking of what to do before traveling, join other prudent travelers in the burgeoning movement to send your suitcases ahead to your destination. Travelers no longer have to rely on ineffectual and laborious systems to get their luggage where it needs to be. By sending your luggage beforehand you save yourself a bundle of time, hassle, worry- and even expense (and not just because you will have one less visit to the chiropractor or to a pricey hotel boutique restocking on lost luggage items). Ship luggage directly to your hotel and breath easier.

Advice for the prudent traveler: Let your suitcases arrive before you do

You drag your suitcases to the airport. You dawdle along winding check-in and screening lines. You pay unheard of fees and have restrictive size and weight limits. You fret that your luggage made it on-board your plane. You wait along with other tired travelers along a slow-moving baggage carousel, hoping that your bags will soon be visible. Why not take all of these unnecessary concerns out of your life? When you let your suitcases arrive before you do with Luggage Free, you enjoy the best luggage shipping service with our premier customer service and support. We specialize in addressing all the baggage concerns and needs of the modern traveler. Why not take all of these unnecessary travel concerns out of your life with a luggage delivery service?

Peace of mind is more affordable than you might think. Need baggage shipping to London, Perth, or someplace in between? Are you tired of shoddy airport luggage handling? Sick of dragging bags from one terminal to another or navigating overstuffed carry-ons through security checkpoints? Some airlines these days don’t even let you take on anything larger than a backpack as a carry-on, requiring you to tag and give up your small roller bags at the gate. We here at Luggage Free think you deserve better. Let us take the hassle out of travel with our door to door luggage delivery service.

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You demand the best and it’s often the little things that make all the difference. Enhance your travel experience by shipping your luggage ahead today. Whether you’re skiing the Alps or cruising the Mediterranean, sending luggage ahead always elevates your travels.

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