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Five-star luggage shipping service

When mailing luggage ahead with our five-star service, you can travel without luggage and have the peace of mind and convenience that one should expect. We aim to not only be the best, but also the most comprehensive in ensuring all aspects of your luggage delivery are considered and addressed. Our couriers pick up your bags personally at your home or office, on time. We deal with all the paperwork and continually track your belongings to ensure they will arrive, timely and in one piece, when you do — guaranteed.

Sending suitcases ahead of time with Luggage Free means choosing the best in the field

If shipping baggage ahead is more convenient than dealing with airlines (trust us, it is), then what makes Luggage Free stand out from its competitors? For one, our pickup service and customer service are top-notch. We know that modern life and travel simply demand more. We serve you accordingly. We also track your delivery along the way and take care of any potential issues that might arise. We provide $500 in standard insurance with the option for more. Our lower rates also out-compete other luggage shippers or even by shipping it yourself.

A way around the theft headlines: Baggage delivery

If you have been reading travel news lately, you have likely read about the growing number of suitcase thefts. There are three areas where these thefts occur. Airlines hire baggage handling subcontractors to handle luggage transfers for them. These positions may not be the best paid and usually have high turnover. It is difficult for the airlines to monitor these employees and thefts occur along the way. Then there are government screeners who can look into your bags at will. Luggage theft also happens at baggage claim. Anyone can walk off with your bags, and some thieves do. One way around these alarming headlines is sending suitcases ahead.

Luggage Delivery Means Peace of Mind

Save time and money while giving your brain a break. No need to overthink how to under pack so you can squeeze everything into a carry-on bag. Our prices are competitive and our service is the best in the business. Don’t leave your luggage to a general mail service. Put your valuables in the hands of those who make it their business to keep your luggage safe, clean, and delivered on time. You’ll be on your way to your most relaxing trip yet!

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Are you living luggage free?

You demand the best and it’s often the little things that make all the difference. Enhance your travel experience by shipping your luggage ahead today. Whether you’re skiing the Alps or cruising the Mediterranean, sending luggage ahead always elevates your travels.

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