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Making travel worry-free

With the seemingly endless anxieties that come with modern day travel, wouldn’t it put your mind at rest knowing that some of the large concerns will be taken care of — guaranteed? At Luggage Free we specialize in doing just that. Our complete customer satisfaction focus, married to our knowledge and application of efficient and secure luggage transfer, produce results that we are proud of and keep our customers coming back again and again. They have discovered the myriad benefits of sending suitcases through Luggage Free — liberating themselves from countless troubles and worries.

Emancipate your time by having your luggage delivered

Not only have our customers discovered the mental emancipation from needless stress and worry, but also they have freed their vacation and business schedules. The best way to ship a suitcase is the worry-free way. Electing to ship luggage is a seamless process. Here’s how it works: The unshackled traveler has their luggage picked-up in their home or office at his or her convenience. This means they no longer have to wait in long check-in, security and custom queues. They are not burdened with schlepping their luggage from air terminal to distant air terminal. They are not jockeying around a conveyor belt after countless hours of weary travel with other worn travelers. They also don’t have to deal with lost luggage. We quickly and easily pick up your suitcases, promptly and predictably delivering them where you want them to be. Safe, easy mental and physical freedom.

Ship your baggage to avoid being another statistic

Are you aware that some 26 million airline items end up missing every year? Approximately one million are never even recovered making them permanently lost or stolen. In the United States there are about 2 million lost or damaged articles out of this number. It’s not terribly surprising considering the vast number of people flying these days and given the even larger array of baggage we take with us. Also, airports have become massive (cities in themselves, really). Labyrinthine luggage conveyor belts snake along for miles and miles directing thousands upon thousands of differently shaped, jostled luggage. Don’t let your cargo be the next statistic: consider suitcase delivery with Luggage Free.

Plan your vacation all the way through

You’ve thought through everything you need to pack. You chose the best flight to accommodate your schedule and budget. You booked your room and made your travel plans. You’ve been so thoughtful about creating a great travel experience, so why stop when it comes to handling your luggage? Don’t leave your luggage to the airlines; send your suitcases and adventure gear ahead to your final destination with Luggage Free. We’ll get your stuff there and back again with great service and a great price you can depend on.

What Can You Ship

Are you living luggage free?

You demand the best and it’s often the little things that make all the difference. Enhance your travel experience by shipping your luggage ahead today. Whether you’re skiing the Alps or cruising the Mediterranean, sending luggage ahead always elevates your travels.

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