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The picturesque Greek island in the Southern Aegean is what Greece vacation dreams are made of. Floating up to its shores, the island in the Cyclades group greets its well-heeled visitors with a landscape of whitewashed buildings accented with classic Greek islands blue, iconic windmills, pristine beaches, and an energetic atmosphere where the beats never stop. This is because Greece’s most famous island is best known for its summer beach party scene.

Cheat Sheet

Book a blue and white bungalow overlooking the sea, or better yet, one with a private pool at Mykonos Blu — Take a trip back in time exploring ancient artifacts and the Mykonos Archaeological Museum — Nosh on local fare while you soak up the sun and beats at Scorpios Mykonos and Naamos beach clubs — Come back down to Earth while you explore dallying offerings at Kiki’s Taverna, and don’t pass up the steak — Snap a selfie and get a taste of Italy complete with classic windmills when you visit Little Venice

What to do in Mykonos

Like nature, Mykonos is seasonal. Most visitors flock to the island in the summer for its beach club scene that attracts top DJ talent from all over the world. But that’s not the only island draw. Those who want a more breezy island experience can visit outside the high summer season and find a laid-back paradise with the same pristine beaches without the crazy crowds. Anytime of year, the perks are many: top restaurants, luxury accommodations, and history around every corner. Top places to visit include Agios Sostis beach for its smooth white sand and turquoise waters; exploring the shops, homes, and churches of the island’s main town of Hora; and capturing the perfect photo off around Little Venice and its iconic windmills. It’s also one of the jumping off points to visit the archaeological site on the neighboring island of Delos.

What to take to Mykonos

Dress to impress if you’re visiting Mykonos in the height of the summer season. The influence and influx of the yachting class and designer set is strong. Another tip for high season is to reserve well in advance. This goes for everything from hotel bookings, to restaurant reservations, car rentals, and even beach chairs. Mykonos, especially in August, hits capacity and you don’t want to be left behind. Always pack plenty of sunscreen, hats, and any other sun protection you might need. There’s seldom a cloud in the sky during summer.

What to buy in Mykonos

Exploring the streets and shops of Hora is one of the best ways to spend an afternoon in Mykonos. Pick up knickknacks like miniatures of the island’s classic windmills. Protect yourself and your loved ones by picking up evil eye jewelry and charms in every form imaginable. Shop for other essential accessories like handmade leather sandals and jewelry. You can also pick up local fare like louza, a cured ham made on the island, traditional honey, olive oil, and ouzo.

How it works in Mykonos

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