Luggage Free Reviews

Luggage Free Reviews

Some more reviews of the Luggage Free service from various publications from around the world.

“I haven’t carried my luggage in a long time and the benefits are many. For me, the best part of shipping luggage is the fact that my vacation now starts when I leave my house and not once I finally get to my hotel. Air travel without luggage is a true luxury,” says Boyd.

Today in the Sky

When shipping, you can forget about waiting in line to check and pick up your bags, and the penalty fees (about $50 to $80) that come with violating the airline’s weight restrictions.

Red Orbit

“We’re the only company that wraps and protects luggage for its customers. Travelers can use our service and have the piece of mind knowing their luggage is safe and will be waiting for them at their destination,” stated Boyd.

The Wall Street Journal

On Thanksgiving, Lindsey Wieber, 31, of New York boarded a plane to Dallas to visit her family and carried just her purse, a magazine and an iPod. The rest of her belongings were taken care of by Luggage Free, a baggage delivery company based in New York City.


Baggage hassles can be the cherry on a sundae of a bad business trip. So why not skip them? For those who don’t mind paying for the convenience, a handful of companies will pick up and deliver your bags to domestic and international destinations.

Smarter Travel

Luggage Free picks up your baggage wherever you designate, does all the paperwork necessary for shipment, arranges for delivery to a designated address at your destination, and tracks the shipment’s progress.

USA Today

Luggage forwarders can reduce the hassle of air travel. The companies, which pick up, ship and deliver bags for passengers, report a brisk increase in business as a result of tightened airport security. Shipping bags allows travelers to bypass airport check-in lines and to travel light.


“Checking in became a whole different ball game. And it’s only gotten worse. There’s this constant confusion over what you can carry on. People are realizing it’s just easier to send it ahead,” said Jeff Boyd, president of Luggage Free, which was founded in 2003

The News & Observer

Some travelers are lightening up — physically and mentally — by using luggage shipping services. Such companies handle baggage, generally picking it up at home or office and delivering it to hotels or other addresses at the passenger’s destination.”There’s nothing better than going to the airport carrying only a book and a purse,” said Barbara Pizik of Beverly Hills, Calif. “It’s a fabulous feeling.”

Jewish Exponent

Many luggage shipping companies were created after Sept. 11, 2001, in reaction to new security measures and precautions that made going to the airport a long and stressful experience. “It’s really sort of a black hole as far as travelers go,” according to Jeff Boyd, president of Luggage Free in New York. “You can’t carry it on any longer; you have to check it. But you can only check a certain amount of luggage. It was — it still is — very restricting, very confusing. A lot of people saw, after that, great value in our service, if they didn’t before.”

The New Yorker

If what they’re really worked up about is the airline surcharge for bags that weigh more than fifty pounds, then suggest that they send the baggage ahead. (With Luggage Free, the minimum charge domestically is $110, with a $40 pick-up fee within forty miles of the airport; 800-361-6871.)

Nerd Wallet

Are you sick of paying all those pesky airline baggage fees? Try Luggage Free. Pack up your luggage like you’ll check them in. Then call up Luggage Free, give them your address and choose a pick-up time. Luggage Free shows up, takes your things, and magically transports them to your destination.

News Week

Just call or book online with any of the luggage shipping companies. New York’s Luggage Free specializes in sending cumbersome vacation essentials…

The New York Times

More and more travelers are turning to private companies that move the baggage for them from home to hotel and back again, ensuring that clients won’t have to lift a finger except to pack and unpack.


With the Luggage Free service, bags are packed normally with no extra fuss, and picked up at your home if you’re on your way out, or at your hotel if you’re on your way home.

Robb Report

Increased security at airports has added to the woes of public air travel. LuggageFree (800.361.6871, aims to reduce the inconvenience of flying by picking up your bags from your home or office and delivering them directly to your hotel.

USA Today

Times are good for business travelers tired of schlepping luggage. In the past few years, a mini-industry has built up around the notion that travelers will pay a premium price for someone else to pick up, ship and deliver their bags.

Five Star Alliance

Who are the big guys in luggage shipping? Luggage Free bills itself the “luxury luggage delivery expert,” specializing in the delivery of excess baggage, golf clubs, skis and oversize stuff.

Today in the Sky

Luggage forwarders, which pick up, ship and deliver bags for passengers for a premium price, are seeing brisk business

Luggage Free, based in New York City, is seeing similar growth. The number of bags the company shipped has doubled each year since 2004, with shipments reaching around 40,000 last year

Chicago Tribune

If you don’t mind spending more money to avoid the baggage hassle, you can have your bags picked up at your home and shipped to your destination in time for your arrival. Companies such as…Luggage Free.

The Washington Post

If you don’t want to hassle with luggage at the airport, Luggage Free…provide(s) luggage shipping service…and your luggage is less likely to get lost.

Cosumer Reports

Door-to-door shippers such as Luggage Free…can provide peace of mind at a price.

Businesses that pick up luggage from your home and ship it to your destination are growing. The number of bags shipped by New York City-based Luggage Free has grown 200 percent each year since its founding five years ago.

Business Times

An alternative to consider is one of the numbers of new companies that have cropped up recently that will ship your luggage prior to your trip, so that when you arrive at your hotel, your bags are already there. One that has been in business for some time is Luggage Free, at


“It’s been insane,” says Boyd, noting that the call volume the company has receive has been three times what it normally is. “As it becomes more and more difficult [to travel] more and more people see a value in our service.”


Customer Reviews

"I'm writing to thank you for taking care of shipping my bike to San Francisco. Jack picked it up exactly at 10:30 and everything from there went exactly as I had hoped. Thanks again."
Timothy - New York, NY

Luggage Free is a specialty service offering travelers the ability to ship luggage ahead to any destination worldwide, allowing them the ability to avoid the inconvenience of carrying, checking and claiming luggage – even going through customs.

Our luggage shipping service is guaranteed, allowing the traveler to avoid unnecessary aggravation and save time – safely and in style.

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