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History and culture truly come alive with a visit to the United Kingdom, which encompasses the four countries of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Each territory has its own unique experience, and together they showcase sweeping landscapes, towering castles, buzzing urban areas and famous sights like Stonehenge, Westminster Abbey and Windsor Castle. Couple that with sights associated with the UK’s cultural contributions (everyone from Shakespeare to The Beatles), stops for tea and a pints in a pub, and you’re well on your way to an exciting trip to Great Britain.

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Sleep like royalty at Bovey Castle, Newton Abbot – Eat a 14 course meal at Manchester House, Manchester Drink at the London’s hottest club, Ministry of Sound See the Beatles rock ‘n’ roll in Liverpool Shop on London’s Oxford Street and be sure to stop by Harrods Get Outside and rocket down the River Thames, London Don’t Miss the chance to see a soccer game at Old Trafford, Manchester


What to do in the United Kingdom

The fourth most densely populated country in the European Union (while it’s still part of the EU) has no shortage of opportunities to keep you busy. Visit iconic attractions like the aforementioned Stonehenge, Westminster Abbey and Windsor Castle. Couple that with more London sights like Big Ben and The Tower of London and London Bridge. Outside of London, top UK attractions include Edinburgh Castle in Scotland’s capital, York Minster Cathedral in York and The Roman Baths and Sacred Spring in Bath. Museum goers have plenty of options to choose from, the most known being The British Museum and Tate Modern. Booze buffs will have no shortage of opportunity to tour iconic Scotch whisky distilleries; while theater goers have an endless array of productions in London’s West End to fit into their agenda.

What to take to the United Kingdom

What you bring to the United Kingdom all depends on what you’re planning to do. During the day, that usually involves plenty of walking and sight seeing in the metropolitan cities of London, Edinburgh and Glasgow, so bring shoes or boots that will take you around to the many sights without hurting your feet. You’ll also want to keep an eye on the weather — notoriously gray and rainy — and pack the right outerwear and an umbrella for cooler days, or a hat, sunglasses and sunscreen for summer days. You can sport your best jeans or black pants in most of the city’s trendy spots and theaters, but if you opt for fine dining, pack an outfit to fit your venue and experience. With all the reservations you’ll be making and walking you’ll be doing, loading up your mobile phone with a data plan that works in the UK is also something to consider. If the many considerations for clothes, outerwear, and shoes can account for more baggage than you planned for, you can forego the hassle of dragging bags to the airport and ship luggage to UK with Luggage Free.

What to buy in the United Kingdom

There are plenty of souvenirs you can carry home to remember your trip to the UK. Start with the destination’s favorite past time — tea. Load up on your favorite blends and throw in a few packages of authentic Walker’s shortbread cookies so you can recreate the experience at home. For something harder, pack a few bottles of authentic Scotch whisky into your bags. You undoubtedly will come across bottles that aren’t distributed very far outside the country. Also, pick up finer trinkets like personal accessories, books and home furnishings at museum gift shops.

How it Works in the United Kingdom

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