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Vancouver and its sister — just a two-hour drive north —Whistler are dynamic visitor destinations in southwestern Canada. The latter is internationally known as one of the world’s leading ski resorts, and is consistently rated one of the top ski destinations in the world. Vancouver is one of Canada’s most ethnically diverse cities that boasts a thriving cultural scene ripe with galleries, museums, theater, and music.

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Lay your head down at recently renovated Rosewood Hotel Georgia, situated in the heart of downtown Vancouver; the in-house art collection features pieces by contemporary Canadian artists David Robinson, Alan Wood, and Jack Shadbolt — Imbibe on top varietals at the Vancouver International Wine Festival — Travel the “Sea to Sky Highway” two hours north to Whistler — Secure your lift ticket at Whistler Blackcomb and expect faster lifts and a Blackcomb gondola with upcoming reservations

What to do in Vancouver/Whistler

Vancouver has it all: a bustling seaport, cultural and outdoor activities, and plenty of tasty dining. Some of the top attractions in the city include the Museum of Anthropology, Stanley Park, Science World, and the Vancouver Art Gallery. Embarking on the journey two hours to the north to Whistler takes you across a section of Highway 99 known as the “Sea to Sky Highway” for its spectacular mountain and waterfront views. The route also includes several attractions, such as the Sea to Sky Gondola, Shannon Falls, the Britannia Mine Museum and the West Coast Railway Heritage Park. Whistler is a fantastic destination all year round. It’s best known for its snow sporting opportunities on Whistler and Blackcomb mountains, but has become a destination year-round, offering plenty of festivals, mountain biking, and golfing opportunities in the warmer months.

What to bring to Vancouver/Whistler

Vancouver is a highly walkable city with wide, pedestrian-friendly sidewalks, set to a grid that is easy to navigate them. The city also boasts TransLink public transportation services. Since you’ll likely be out an about exploring during your visit, pack comfortable shoes and weather-appropriate attire (think in terms of layers), in addition to rain gear, which is usually a necessity. Depending on what activities you’re embarking on in Whistler, make sure to pack all the gear you need, including appropriate coats and boots in the winter and sun protection any time of year.

What to bring home from Vancouver/Whistler

The region is well known for it’s local products. If you’ve enjoyed local craft beer during your journey, you can pack a bottle or two of your favorites to bring back with you. The area also produces notable wines, which make perfect gifts. Salmon candy might be an acquired taste, but could be just the item to remind you of your Vancouver/Whistler vacation.

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