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Mike Rea

Today we are honored to feature Mike Rea, President and CEO of Tourism Cares. Mike has dedicated his life to the philanthropic and non-profit sectors, in the travel industry and beyond. If you ever have the chance to volunteer at one of Tourism Care’s events, do it! You are hard pressed to find a better group of people or a better leader.
Q & A
I can’t wait to visit…
Myanmar: have wanted to go since college and want to experience it before it gets too built up. Plus, whenever I can, I’m a Buddhism tourist.
Best Hotel amenity…
I always bring home…
Something for Elise, my 8 year-old!
I don’t leave home without…
Backup Battery, of course.
Everywhere I go I check out the…
Public Markets.
My all-time favorite destinations…
Cambodia – just special.
The best part about being on a long flight is…
Finishing a big summer beach read in flight.
The craziest thing that happened to me traveling was…
Seeing my friend pile into a tree from a moped in India, and all that happened after that…
I dream about my meals at…
O YA, in Boston, which is just exquisite Japanese with a creative twist.
When I arrive at a new place I learn the lay of the land by…
Getting out and walking off the flight.
If you could have dinner with 4 people, dead or alive, who would be there?
Michael Bloomberg, Jeff Skoll, Melinda Gates, Richard Branson.
If you were not doing your current job, what would be your dream job?
Running cool nonprofits in Mongolia.
If you were forced to live in one place for the rest of your life, where would it be?
Mammoth Lakes, CA.
What is the best concert you have ever attended?
Amnesty International, Montreal (Peter Gabriel, Sting, Bruce Springstein, Tracey Chapman).
The best part about traveling luggage free is…
Playing with my own golf clubs without the schlepping!!
Concierge or DIY?
Tech-Enabled DIY.
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