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Keith Waldon

Founded by Keith Waldon, few companies out there have grabbed our attention like Departure Lounge. Keith and his team have created a different way to view travel and the travel planning experience – starting with the first sip. Whether strapping on cowboy boots in Texas or soaking in the Uffizi in Florence, Keith is someone you’ll want to chat with first.
Q & A
I can’t wait to visit…
New Zealand.
Best Hotel amenity…
Whatever the Virtuoso client amenities are . . . some of my favorites are limo airport transfer, spa treatments/credits or a great tequila at a resort like One&Only Palmilla.
I always bring home…
Something old from a great destination.
I don’t leave home without…
My boots . . . I am Texan all the way.
I dream about my meals at…
I don’t dream about meals . . . I dream about what I would look like if I skipped a few gourmet meals.
The craziest thing that happened to me traveling was…
I was mistaken for the Prime Minister of Sweden.
Everywhere I go I check out the…
Virtuoso properties there … they are our top partners.
My all-time favorite destinations…
Italy (Florence is my favorite city), Egypt, Cambodia.
The best part about being on a long flight is…
I do my best creative thinking on flights. I have literally created some fantastic brands on flights.
When I arrive at a new place I learn the lay of the land by…
Getting lost walking around.
If you were not doing your current job, what would be your dream job?
I would be like Luxe Tiffany, but I would be Luxe Bubba and travel the world . . . giving social media updates from the best places on earth.
If you could have dinner with 4 people, dead or alive, who would be there?
I would pick my daughter and three of our ancestors from ages ago . . . would be fun to hear first-hand about the people in our past.
If you were forced to live in one place for the rest of your life, where would it be?
The Texas Hill Country (which is west of Austin). I love it here.
What is the best concert you have ever attended?
Tina Turner, hands down.
Concierge or DIY?
Depends on the mission.
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