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About Us

Luggage Delivery

You pick up the phone…we pick up and ship your luggage there and back

Luggage Free offers travelers the option to send luggage ahead to nearly any destination, allowing them to avoid the inconvenience of carrying, checking and claiming bags even going through customs. The Luggage Free service begins at the customer’s door, where luggage and other items to be shipped are retrieved at a specific time of the traveler’s choosing. The shipment is then routed to its final destination where it is waiting for the traveler upon arrival. Realizing the flaw of a ‘one size fits all’ infrastructure, Luggage Free utilizes a worldwide network of thousands of agents and 14 different air carriers, thereby allowing for the greatest reliability, customization and cost effectiveness for each individual shipment.

The result is the ability of travelers to enjoy the greatest combination of price, product and service available in the industry. Since its inception in 2003, Luggage Free has been a privately held company, headquartered in New York City. The company continues to partner with strategic innovators in the travel industry, who share their commitment to quality and service. Interested parties should e-mailLuggage Free directly.


3718 57th Street
Woodside, NY 11377

Phone: 212.453.1579

Reservations: 800.361.6871

"You guys are THE BEST!!!!! Thank you for going out of your way to make me feel "at ease" about trying out LUGGAGEFREE on my very best clients."
Kim - Sarasota, FL

Luggage Free is a specialty service offering travelers the ability to ship luggage ahead to any destination worldwide, allowing them the ability to avoid the inconvenience of carrying, checking and claiming luggage – even going through customs.

Our luggage shipping service is guaranteed, allowing the traveler to avoid unnecessary aggravation and save time – safely and in style.

Luggage Free - Luggage Shipping Services

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