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Excess Baggage Fees

Taking your own bags to and from the airport can be tiring. It’s less convenient than having Luggage Free do all the work for you, and if you are checking more than two items, it can now even be expensive!

Luggage Free has been the leading luggage shipping provider since 2003, allowing travelers the luxury of avoiding many of the hassles associated with air travel, including check in lines, baggage carousels and the dragging of luggage through crowded airports, in and out of cars and into hotels. Until recently, luggage shipping was considered a luxury by many. Today however, numerous airlines have introduced fees to check even one bag, all while still forcing travelers to endure all the inconvenience and unreliability that comes with checking a bag at the airport. As a result, utilizing Luggage Free and our luggage shipping solution is becoming smarter (and more economical) than ever.

Airline First Bag Second Bag Third Bag
AirTran Airways $20 $25 $50 Learn More
Alaskan Air $25 $25 $75 Learn More
American Airlines $25 $35 $150 Learn More
Continental Airlines $25 $35 $100 Learn More
Delta Airlines $25 $35 $150 Learn More
Frontier Airlines $25 $45 $80 Learn More
Hawaiian Airlines $25 $35 $100 Learn More
JetBlue Airways $25 $35 $100 Learn More
Southwest Airlines $0 $0 $75 Learn More
United Airlines $25 $35 $150 Learn More
US Airways $25 $35 $125 Learn More
Virgin America $25 $25 $25 Learn More

**As of November, 2017. Fees above are meant as a guideline only. Check with your airline for up to date policies and fees.In addition to the excess baggage fees outlined above, many airlines charge even more for a fourth bag. Most airlines also have checked luggage fees for overweight and oversized baggage, including most sports equipment such as ski bags, golf bags, and bicycles. Specific airline regulations can be found by clicking on the baggage policy links above.

Avoid the mess and ship your luggage with Luggage Free for your next trip.

"I'm writing to thank you for taking care of shipping my bike to San Francisco. Jack picked it up exactly at 10:30 and everything from there went exactly as I had hoped. Thanks again."
Timothy - New York, NY

Luggage Free is a specialty service offering travelers the ability to ship luggage ahead to any destination worldwide, allowing them the ability to avoid the inconvenience of carrying, checking and claiming luggage – even going through customs.

Our luggage shipping service is guaranteed, allowing the traveler to avoid unnecessary aggravation and save time – safely and in style.

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