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Scotland’s capital is the whole package combining history, culture, and politics in one gorgeous city. Sweeping vistas punctuated with castles and monuments meet modern entertainment and attractions in Edinburg’s Old Town and New Town — both listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

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Sleep in style at Hotel Missoni where each room overlooks the city’s sweeping skyline — Shop for new threads at W. Armstrong & Son vintage clothing store and Totty Rocks — Explore the Royal Mile that stretches from the castle down to the palace and is filled with restaurants, shops, pubs, and museums — Sip Scotch Whisky wherever it’s available — Dine at distinct restaurants Number One, The Kitchin, and Martin Wishart.

What to do in Edinburgh

From historical sights and museums to modern entertainment, there’s no shortage of things to do in Edinburgh. Edinburg Castle crowns the list of the city’s attractions. Set high up on Castle Rock, it has been home to everyone from monarchs to military. The city is also an epicenter of the performing arts hosting both the Edinburg Festival, which features music, opera, theater, and dance; and the Fringe festival, which is the world’s largest international arts festival. Other sights not to be missed include Holyrood Palace, the National Museum of Scotland, Scottish Parliament Building, and the Royal Botanic Garden. It’s also imperative to sip Scotch Whisky along the way to take the edge off all that sight-seeing.

What to take to Edinburgh

For a large city, Edinburgh is compact and highly walkable, so make sure to bring comfortable shoes for your journey. Temperatures dip significantly in the winter, change frequently all year round, and rain is a common occurrence so plan for the weather, pack layers, and rain gear no matter what time of year you’re traveling. If you don’t want to personally haul all our luggage to UK and Edinburgh you can always ship it head with Luggage Free.

What to bring home from Edinburgh

Whisky reigns supreme in Auld Reekie, so make time to fit in some tastings to discover what bottles are worth brining back with you — Edinburgh Gin is also highly regarded. Edinburg also boasts an array of fine textiles from cashmere to tweed. Don’t forget to pick up an authentic Scottish kilt as well.

How it works in Edinburgh

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