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Often overshadowed as a visitor destination by its higher profile bothers, Edinburgh and Glasgow, the historic coastal county of Scotland is the ancestral home of Scottish kings and, most importantly, features the best golfing in the world. Fife is the home of St. Andrews, regarded as the birthplace of golf because The Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews was founded there in 1754 and had legislative authority over the game until 2004. Fife also showcases rustic villages, castles, coastal activities, and plenty of restaurants

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Base yourself at The Peat Inn, a property dating back tot he 1700s, which features comfortable rooms, personal service, and a Michelin-Starred restaurant. Grab your clubs and take a crack at The Old Course in St. Andrews. Discover everything you need to know about Scottish whisky on the Dream to Dram Tour at Kingsbarns Distillery. Find peace and serenity teamed with gorgeous scenery on the Fifle Coastal Path. Get a taste of local Scottish produce, fish and chips, and other delights from the North Sea at Tailend.

What to do in Fife

Most people visit Fife for golfing and rightly so. The kingdom is home to some 50 courses, not the least of which is the Old Course in St. Andrews. Golfers can delight in a range of courses from championship links to hidden gems. You’ll probably need a drink after all that golf. Fife’s newest distillery at Kingsbarns offers a Dream to Dram tour that features, an intimate overview of the destination’s whiskys. History buffs will want to visit Scotland’s former capital of Dunfermline, where its namesake abbey serves as the final resting place of Robert the Bruce. The relaxing and serene Fife coastal path is 117 miles of continuous coastal walks and one of Scotland’s Great Trails.

What to bring to Fife

Scottish weather can be unpredictable so its best to plan for it. Pack layers that you and add and shed throughout the day. An umbrella and rain jacket are also key, along with sturdy shoes. If you’re planning to spend your days on the greens and want to bring your own clubs, you can easy ship golf clubs to UK with Luggage Free. That way you don’t have to worry about extra fees for golf club shipping.

What to bring home from Fife

When you think of Scotland, chilis aren’t necessarily the first things that come to mind, but when you shoot at The Chillilicious Farm, you can pick up a variety of handmade treats that are grown and made at Scotland’s first ever chili farm. Take a bit of Scotland home with you at Holiday Essentials where they will pack a box of local goodies like candies, cookies, and teas. Local whisky reigns supreme in Scotland and brining back a bottle or two is a must.

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