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From cosmopolitan cities and medieval towns to alpine villages and Mediterranean coastal oases, France’s visitor offerings are endless, making it one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. The magic and romance of Paris, France’s capital city are legendary with sights like the Eiffel Tower and Louvre, among its treasures. Coastal villages like Brittany offer feasts for the eyes with its landscapes as well as the stomach with its strong gastronomic traditions. The world’s epicenter of wine is here with priceless vines growing throughout Bordeaux, Burgundy and the Loire Valley. The south of France draws sun-worshipers in the summer to Provence and the Cote d’Azur. The only downside of visiting one of Europe’s largest countries is planning on how to see everything at once.

Cheat Sheet

Sleep on the French Riviera at Hotel Negresco in Nice – Eat in a fairytale setting at Restaurant Buerehiesel – Drink to Debussy at Harry’s piano bar in Paris – See Place de la Comédiein the charming city of Montpellier – Shop at Bordeaux’s Wine Corner and sample some of their wonderful collections – Get Outside and canoe down the Magila Canyon in Breil-sur-Roya – Don’t Miss a trip to Montmartre in Paris to see the beautiful Basilica of Sacre-Coeur

What to do in France

No visit to France would be complete without a trip to its capital city. Paris greets her visitors with cultural attractions, cozy cafes, Michelin-starred dining and sophisticated shopping. Outside the city, France’s wine regions of Champagne, Bordeaux, Burgundy — just to name a few — are easily accessible by car or train. In these regions you cannot only taste superior varietals, you can dine at excellent restaurants to complement them. Winter visits to the French Alps are perfect for ski vacations, while summer excursions to the French Riviera in the south beg for yachting, going to the beach and being seen in well-heeled company.

What to take to France

Packing for France depends on the season in which your traveling, but no matter when you go you definitely want to bring your sense of style. You also may want to consider bringing at least a rudimentary knowledge of the language. Although most travelers can get by with greetings and English, speaking in French as much as possible will earn you points and privilege wherever you end up. Most places in France are technologically advanced, so plan ahead and make sure your mobile phone is set up for roaming so you can easily communicate from and traverse the area you’re in. Also make sure you’re phone has enough memory to hold all the gorgeous photos you’re going to take. If there’s any doubt, than also pack your favorite digital camera.

What to buy in France

If you didn’t already plan on packing an empty suitcase, consider it. Fashion mavens will have no shortage of opportunities to shop from all their favorite designers in Paris. With all the wine regions at your fingertips, plan to bring back a bottle or two with you. You can ship full cases, but may not want to wait for that. For a unique keepsake, visit perfumeries in Paris to seek out your favorite scent and take it home with you. Other gourmet foods like finishing salts, chocolate, olive oil and macarons are also in plentiful supply across the country.

How it works in France

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