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Glitz, glamour, and luxury take flight in Dubai. The city is the capital of its namesake Emirate, one of seven that comprise the United Arab Emirates situated in the Persian Gulf.

Cheat Sheet

Check into Burj Al Arab, to pamper yourself with everything from spectacular views to world-class dining and spa facilities. Their chauffeur will even drive you in a Rolls-Royce to a private beach — Book a tee time at either Jumeirah G. Estates and Emirates Golf Club , two of Golf Digest’s World’s 100 Greatest Golf Courses — Head to the Waldorf Astoria at Palm Jumeirah to dine contemporary Italian cuisine Michelin-starred chef Heinz Beck’s Social by Heinz Beck — Shop till you drop at the Dubai Mall, which showcases nearly 1,200 stores.

What to do in Dubai

When you begin to explore Dubai, start at the top. The Burj Khalifa is the tallest building in the world and dominates the skyline rising 2,722 feet high. Gaze out over the city from its two observation decks or grab a bite on the 122nd floor. Burj Al Arab is another city landmark. They luxury hotel floats off Jumeirah beach, perched on an artificial island, and offers 202 all-suite, two-story rooms. It also is the perfect jumping off point to land a tea time at one of the Dubai’s top golf courses. Other activities around the city worth checking out include the Dubai Museum, Madinat Jumeirah, Al Fahidi Historic District, and shopping the 1,000+ shops in the Dubai Mall.

What to bring to Dubai

Expect warm to hot temperatures most of the year, with cooler temperatures at night during the winter. The UAE is an Islamic country so dress is conservative, but women don’t have to cover up fully. Both men and women should pack modest dress, breathable fabrics, and comfortable shoes, with smarter options for hitting restaurants or the city’s infamous nightlife. Also bring a mobile phone that’s GSM enabled, and plenty of sub protections.

What to bring home from Dubai

With all the shopping available, you’re bound to bring home some luxury goods. More destination-specific goods to pick up include locally farmed dates, Persian rugs, gold jewelry, and perfume oils.

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