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  • Best time of year to visit Indonesia

    You’ve had a busy year…we know! And with the summer season right around the corner, a vacation is undoubtedly due. If you’re looking to get out of the country and visit an out-of-the-ordinary vacation spot, consider a getaway to Indonesia. It’s one of the most photographed destinations globally, and now, you can see it yourself! Read more about why summer […]

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  • Luxurious summer destinations

    The season of vacations is almost here… summer! It’s time to take a break from the daily grind, find some time in your busy schedule, and enjoy a relaxing getaway to somewhere new. With stunning beaches, luxurious accommodations, and all the delicious cuisine you could ask for, we’ve gathered the most luxurious summer destinations in the U.S. Luxurious Summer Destinations […]

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  • Castles in Germany

    From the small hideaways tucked into the dense forests to the towering spires breaking the horizon, Germany is home to some of the most unique castles in the world. In fact, it’s reported that more than 20,000 castles can be found dotting the German landscape. Castles were a large part of the feudal system in Europe during the Middle Ages […]

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  • Happiest countries in the world

    Nothing will put a smile on your face like a vacation! But, a getaway to an extra-happy destination will have you wanting to stay forever. With colorful facades, friendly locals, and stunning scenery, found out which locations were voted the happiest countries in the world. World’s Happiest Countries in 2022 1. Finland Utopia, bliss, heaven on Earth – there are […]

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  • Best cities in the world for art lovers

    Art lovers of the world, listen up! This one’s for you. If you’re thinking of taking a vacation but not sure where to go, we’ve found the best cities in the world for art lovers. Some have dedicated art districts, others have an abundance of museums, but all are sure to please. Best Cities in the World for Art Lovers […]

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  • airport lounges

    Waiting to board your flight can be quite monotonous. Whether it’s scrolling social media, listening to music, reading a book, or looking for a show to watch, we all find some way to pass the time. However, airport lounges around the world envision a different kind of waiting game. And it’s one filled with luxury. World’s Best Airport Lounges American […]

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