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  • Bluest water in the world

    Honeymoons, family vacations, or just because – no matter the occasion, the image of your dream getaway likely includes clear turquoise waters. And while beaches can be enjoyed in endless parts of the world, only a select few offer what dreams are truly made of. We’ve searched the globe and gathered the most stunning destinations with the bluest water in […]

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  • Spring destinations

    As temperatures rise and the snow melts away, the beauty of spring begins to peek through. Spring is often considered a time for rejuvenation and renewal. And there’s no better place to experience the true beauty of spring and its blooming flowers than these incredible spring destinations.  World’s Best Spring Destinations Lake Tekapo Tekapo, New Zealand Lake Tekapo in Tekapo, […]

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  • Renew a passport

    Are you planning a dream international vacation? Great! But, before you start packing, you need to check your passport expiration date! It’s crucial to ensure your passport and other international travel documents are still valid before jetting off on your global adventures. And if you’re one of many travelers with an unexpected expired passport, here’s how to quickly renew a […]

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  • National parks to visit during winter

    There’s nothing quite like reconnecting with nature. And there’s no better place to do so than one of the United States’ 60+ National Parks. Embrace the world outside those four walls, take a breath of fresh air, and explore any of these top National Parks to visit during winter. Experience Winter at these National Parks 1. Rocky Mountain National Park […]

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  • Welcome returning customers

    We’re glad you enjoyed traveling light with Luggage Free! With seamless luggage shipping to 180 countries and territories, Luggage Free is the best way to ship luggage ahead. We gladly welcome returning customers and those new to the service. For those looking to ship for the first time, we’ve compiled everything you need to know about shipping luggage. Premier Luggage […]

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  • Skip airport lines

    Did you know the average person waits in line for six months of their life? That’s why we don’t believe in lines. And when you ship your luggage ahead, you can finally skip airport lines on every trip. Skip Airport Lines Every Time You’ll first experience the joys of bag-free travel when you head to the airport. Simply grab your […]

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