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6 Museum Etiquette Errors and How to Avoid Making Them

The list of museum dos and don’ts may vary based on the specific location, but there are a few overarching rules that apply to nearly any scenario. Because it’s important to be respectful of your surroundings including the art itself and other museum-goers, here are the most important museum etiquette errors you may be making and how to avoid making them again.

Museum Etiquette Errors You Need to Avoid

1. Touching Artwork

There’s a reason there are red ropes surrounding those paintings and sculptures! Oftentimes, museum pieces are priceless. Touching the artwork in any way, shape, or form, could cause irreversible damage.

2. Bringing Food Or Liquids

Some museums do allow food and drinks while others do not. If the museum you’re visiting does allow it, it’s essential to be extra careful. Consider drinking out of a bottle with a cap and heading to a cafeteria or break room at the museum to eat a snack if you brought one.

3. Using Flash Photography

Not only is flash photography a nuisance to other visitors of the museum, but it’s believed that repeated flash photography can have a negative impact on the art itself. Pigments in paintings are sensitive to light and using flash photography could decrease their longevity.

4. Bringing Large Bags or Backpacks

Besides looking a tad bit suspicious, bringing a large bag or backpack with you to a museum is a bit of a hazard. Not only do popular museums see large crowds that you could accidentally hit with your bag, but you could also accidentally knock over a multi-million dollar piece of art, too!

5. Being Loud

It’s common courtesy to speak in an indoor voice no matter your public setting. But, it’s even more important in a museum. Speaking loudly or chewing gum loudly is incredibly disrespectful to the other guests. Visiting a museum should be a special experience for all. Don’t ruin it by screaming across the room.

6. Running

All it takes is one wrong step to bump into someone, who bumps into someone else, who falls into a priceless work of art. Please avoid running in the museum at all costs!

Avoiding these museum etiquette errors will ensure a peaceful and enjoyable experience for you and everyone else.

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