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6 Tips to Win Winter Travel

While hiccups in business and leisure travel can happen any time of year, spontaneous polar vortexes and bomb cyclones that crop up out of nowhere during the winter months are bound to throw a wrench into event the most tightly knit travel plans. Here are six tips to take control of unexpected travel delays.


Tip #1: Assess the situation

Traveling before, during or after inclement weather or a high peak times means you have to be on high alert. On your day of travel, check to see if your airline has multiple flight delays. Even if your flight is still in time, you may want to call to double check status before heading to the airport, and see if you can bump up to an earlier option (see tip #2).


Tip #2: Book an early flight

Due to weather and other seasonal circumstances beyond your control, once delays start, they tend to stack up. When this happens, it’s best to be on one of the earlier flights of the day to avoid having your later flight be one of the unfortunate ones to be cancelled.


Tip #3: Be flexible

Many airlines will reward you if you give up your seat during peak travel times and overbooked situations. If you can stay an extra day or two you might not only be met with a smoother travel experience, but also a ticket stipend. Also note that in many weather situations, airlines are happy to change your ticket without a fee.


Tip #4: Utilize Social

The logging long phone holds or waiting the infinitely long airline rebooking aren’t the only ways to get in touch with airline representatives. Many carriers are all hands on deck during weather situations, having customer service representatives working social outlets like twitter. Try direct messaging your airline a clear request with your booking ID for best results.


Tip #5: Go Clubbing

In major storms, sometimes delays can be two hours or more, utilize the lounge pass you have through your frequent flier program or through many credit cards like Chase Sapphire Reserve or American Express. Also, keep in mind that even if you don’t have a pass, many airline lounges sell day passes for around $60. That can be worth it for more comfortable surroundings, clean bathrooms, complementary food and drinks, wifi and (in some instances) showers.


Tip #6: Ditch your bags

Travel with ease without having to worry about lugging bags, waiting in line at baggage check, or worrying about where your checked bags might be heading. Shipping your bags, and gear like golf clubs and skis with Luggage Free is one way to lighten things up at the airport.

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