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  • The cheap way to ship luggage to almost any destination

    With airlines looking to add revenue wherever they can, the baggage shipping they offer gets more expensive by the day. Looking for a cheap way to ship luggage on your next vacation? Look no further.    Never Pay Another Airline Baggage Fee Luggage Free is a premium luggage shipping service, but the fractionally higher cost of our service means pay-offs […]

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  • Travel without luggage and breeze through the airport when using Luggage Free

    There’s an endless list of things to do before you travel, but shipping luggage vs checking? Is it really even a question? Want to travel without luggage all together? Well, we have some luggage shipping options for you.    Ship Baggage and Travel Light Shipping baggage with Luggage Free allows you to board the plane with the peace of mind […]

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  • Traveling Without Luggage Conveniently & Affordably with Luggage Free

    It’s no secret airline baggage fees are increasing, and increasing fast. And if you thought the only way to avoid those fees was to cut down on your baggage, think again! Expert travelers are starting to travel without luggage. Traveling without luggage means no long bag-check lines, no stuffing your luggage into overhead compartments, and no waiting in large crowds […]

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  • Why settle for airline baggage delivery when you can ship ahead with Luggage Free

    Airline baggage delivery is an excellent way to travel without your luggage. But, what if there was a better option? On top of allowing you to travel bag-free, shipping your luggage ahead of your arrival with Luggage Free allows you to avoid dealing with the airlines altogether.   The Better Version of Airline Baggage Delivery If you’re not familiar with […]

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  • Tips to make flying more comfortable

    Your vacation day has finally arrived! Unfortunately, before relaxing on a beach or exploring a new city, you first have to tackle long lines and large crowds at the airport. Make the journey to your destination easier than ever and travel in comfort with these expert tips.   5 Tips to Make Flying More Comfortable 1. Select Your Seat The […]

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  • How to reduce travel stress on every vacation

    A vacation is supposed to be relaxing. But from rushing to make it to your gate in time, to ensuring you’ve packed everything you’ll need, getting your vacation started is often anything but relaxing. So, why put up with the travel stress any longer? We’ve found the easiest ways to reduce travel stress on your next vacation. 5 Easy Ways […]

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"None of these services could top New York's Luggage Free, which seemed to grasp the concept that if you're paying for a premium service, you want premium service..."
The Wall Street Journal

Luggage Free is a specialty service offering travelers the ability to ship luggage ahead to any destination worldwide, allowing them the ability to avoid the inconvenience of carrying, checking and claiming luggage – even going through customs.

Our luggage shipping service is guaranteed, allowing the traveler to avoid unnecessary aggravation and save time – safely and in style.

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