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Solo Travel Takes Flight: Is a Mobilemoon in Your Future?

Thinking of traveling solo? “Mobilemoons” just might be the newest travel trend.

You don’t have to be a lone wolf to want to travel solo. In fact, those who lean toward reservations for one are part of a growing travel trend. According to Expedia, data from their first Solo Travel Report reveals 60 percent of travelers plan to take a solo trip within the next two years, proving people want more flexibility, convenience, and autonomy from their vacations. Further, when given the ultimatum to choose between their mobile phone or a travel companion to bring on their next trip, one-third (33%) of Americans said they would choose to travel solo with just their device.

“Having traveled to over a dozen countries alone I can attest that solo travel gives you the ultimate freedom. It pushes you to explore with no limitations and it’s a beautifully introspective adventure too,” says travel expert and frequent solo traveler Courtney Scott. “Mobile devices are an essential resource for travelers, helping us feel more informed and more confident on the road, so it doesn’t surprise me that many people would rather travel with their phone than with a friend. Use your travel app to manage your itinerary, research your destination and stay connected to friends and family ─ but don’t forget to put your phone away and fully immerse yourself in your surroundings, too!”

What appeals about solo travel? Here’s how it stacks up:

Meeting Other People

Two-thirds of respondents prefer the freedom of traveling alone and meeting new people over the desire to have a vacation companion. Younger travelers (83 percent of Gen Z and 80 percent of Millennials) are especially likely to agree. Less than 40 percent of the respondents Expedia surveyed identified themselves as parents, and of those, nearly all of them (82 percent) agree they too would prefer to travel alone.

Popular Solo Vacation Themes

The most popular solo trip is the “Weekend Break” – a quick couple days in a new city or off the grid (30 percent). Americans are more likely to want to experience an “Island Getaway” – cruise to a tropical destination or visit a beach (23 percent), “Foodie Trip” – eat their way through a region known for delicious cuisine (16 percent), or “Event Travel” – visiting a place specifically to attend a music festival or sporting event (14 percent).

Sought After Solo Destinations

Domestic travel continues to be the foundation of how most Americans choose to vacation – and solo travel is no exception. US travelers are more likely to choose new or familiar places within their own country, and 69 percent said their last solo trip was in the USA. When it comes to future solo trips, roughly 3 out of 4 Americans (74 percent) say their ideal location is in the USA followed by Canada (45 percent) and Europe (42 percent).

Do you need a mobile moon? Read more about the Solo Travel Report here.

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