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  • Four Seasons Private Jet

    The journey is just as exciting as the destination for the brand that signifies luxury across the globe. Four Seasons takes their hotel and resort comforts from the ground to 40,000 feet with their Four Seasons Private Jet experience, which pairs luxury flights with signature stays at Four Seasons Resorts. The globe-hopping encounter debuted in 2015 and finishes out this […]

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  • Luggage Free enjoys the Aria Hotel

    Music may be a universal pleasure, but there are some among us – full disclosure, we totally belong in this category – whose love for music transcends rhyme and reason. If this sounds like you – have we got the dream hotel for you! If you love music as much as we do, Prague’s Aria Hotel should be at the […]

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  • Luggage Free enjoys Sea Island, Georgia

    Perched on the coast of Georgia is a resort the avid golfer won’t want to miss. Sea Island is one of the top 75 golf resorts in the United States, with three championship golf courses – including the Seaside Course, home to the PGA Tour’s McGladrey Classic. Each of these courses offers its own unique set of challenges as you […]

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  • Luggage Shipping enjoys The Farm, Hawkes Bay

    If stunning views and a wide array of outdoor activities are as much of a draw for you as they are for us, then we must recommend The Farm at Cape Kidnappers in Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand. While the biggest draw is, arguably, the award-winning par 71 golf course, there are so many other adventures and activities both on- and […]

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  • Even the most travel-oriented among us can tend towards disdain for your average travel blog. The best among them can sometimes feel too diluted – and we aren’t even factoring the countless social network feeds that certainly add to the glut of travel content.  It’s almost too much – and you know the old saying about too much of a […]

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