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  • Creating a minimalist travel packing list in 4 steps

    If you’re like most travelers, you’re probably guilty of overpacking. Whether it’s a weekend getaway or a two-week vacation, you never know if you may need that extra sweater or that black pair of sandals. While there’s nothing wrong with ensuring you’re prepared, the downside in doing so is some serious added weight in baggage and more expended energy dragging […]

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  • Learn how long baggage claim takes when traveling

    You’ve invested a great deal of time planning your vacation. And for all the effort you’ve expended setting up the perfect getaway, there shouldn’t be any unnecessary obstacles between you and relaxation. Unfortunately, baggage claim is an inevitable travel pain that only seems to be getting worse. Luckily, we’ve found the answer to how long baggage claim typically takes and […]

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  • Top ways to get through airport security faster

    Battling through crowds and rushing to your gate is one of the worst aspects of traveling. And with absurd wait times at TSA, knowing how to get through airport security faster is crucial in ensuring your trip isn’t ruined before it’s even begun. If you’re ready to streamline the way you travel and learn how to get through airport security […]

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  • Luxury summer getaways in the United States

    The perfect summer getaways offer untouched scenery, stunning accommodations, and world-class cuisine. We’ve gathered the top summer getaways in the U.S. for you to explore this summer and some may even be closer to home.  Top Summer Destinations this Season Kiawah Island, South Carolina From maritime forests to saltwater marshes, Kiawah Island celebrates the true natural beauty of the South […]

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  • Relax & Unwind at These Top 5 Memorial Day Weekend Destinations

    The unofficial start of summer has almost arrived. No plans for the long weekend? No worries! We’ve gathered the best Memorial Day weekend destinations for relaxing beachside, enjoying delicious food, exploring outdoors, and more. Where to Escape for the Long Weekend 1. Santa Catalina Island, California Santa Catalina Island, often referred to simply as ‘Catalina Island,’ is a luxurious destination […]

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  • Spring vacation is the perfect time to relax, rejuvenate, and explore the changing scenery all around. From hiking to snorkeling and everything in between, these are the top activities for your spring vacation.  Enjoy the Outdoors on Your Spring Getaway Horseback Riding Bryce Canyon, Arizona With comfortable climates and fewer crowds, exploring the American west is one of many unique […]

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